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Ended 1st July
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Count me in

Post by Boroda » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:21 am

Count me in. This will help me get this year's projects moving along. 1940 Desert Brits, Barbarossa Soviet, 15 and 28mm Ancients and, knowingme, probably some other stuff :-)

My targets -
  • Desert Brits - infantry platoon, tank platoon, and anti tank elements, plus some bits and bobss
  • Barbie - 7 BT-7 and 10 T-26, and some misc vehicles
  • 15mm Ancients - complete Macedonian Army, and do enough Late Achaemenid Persians to play a game
  • 28mm Ancients - complete enough Late Romans for first game.

Chris S

"Wargamers aim to fight battles in a completely different way to the Military. The Military try to out number the enemy as much as possible; we try to make it as even as possible."

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