Sherman NWE SCC Numbers

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Sherman NWE SCC Numbers

Post by CAG 19 » Sat May 05, 2018 8:12 pm

My Shermans have come to the top of the painting pile. I am trying out MiG paints for a change. Can't quite get my head around what I need for vehicles in NWE.

SCC2, SCC15 are all mentioned but I would assume that SCC15 (August 1944) would only apply to vehicles supplied as replacements and that the majority of vehicles would still be in SCC2 or was it common practise to repaint ?

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Re: Sherman NWE SCC Numbers

Post by Ryan » Sun May 06, 2018 12:20 pm

SCC15 was implemented in April, not August. I think the majority of vehicles would be that colour. Many US lend lease vehicles would retain their OD paint unless they were greatly modified. SSC2 would appear on some British vehicles, however. I've looked into the painting of Canadian tanks quite extensively and the orders were to exhaust all remaining stocks of the brown before using the SCC15. We closely followed British doctrine, so I imagine they had similar orders with regards to paint. There's been some argument as to whether or not there were any SCC2 painted Shermans. I think it would have been rare, but not impossible earlier in the ETO theatre. There were a few frankensteined Shermans returned to the front. If the depot that refurbished them had the SCC2 on hand and followed orders, there you have it.

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